Benefit of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

We are so grateful to partner with Theresa Falvey, owner of State of Grace LLC, to be able to offer hand massages to our residents. Below, Theresa explains the benefits of massage for the elderly.
“I believe all humans deserve to have connection via Massage Therapy but I think even more so the elderly. There are so many benefits to human connection such as when I am Massaging an elderly person’s hands are for 15 minutes. I will just share the one’s that are at the top of my list.
The most powerful one in my eyes is the one I just shared, Human Connection-Human Contact/Touch. Some of the elderly do not have family or friends that are able to come see them all the time and what I have witnessed over the past years and being a C.N.A. in a previous life, human touch (hugs, hand holding, a simple hand on the back or shoulder) sadly decreases immensely. When this happens, depression, sadness, isolation and even anger becomes more apparent. I take my 15 minutes very seriously with each person.
I also specifically do my visits in the afternoon to help with residents who may get Sundowners Syndrome which can cause disorientation, anxiety, agitation in the afternoon hours. Massage therapy calms the person and helps ease their mind & nervous system.
Lastly, I just Massage the elderly’s hands. I do only have 15 minutes but in the way of Reflexology, the foot and hand are a complete outline of your entire body. So when the feet or hands are Massaged, the entire body is getting the benefits internally thru the hands and plus it just feels good! I hear it over and over again, “Oh this feels so good!” There is nothing better than to bring joy to the elderly.
I feel so blessed to Get to do what I do and to share time and space with these human beings and let us not forget these are beautiful Human Beings. Some days I share tears with them but most days I get to experience their sass, humor and amazing stories. I’m the lucky one.
Grateful for this partnership with Shady Lane.”
Thank you Theresa for all you do for and with our residents!