How Do You Know The Timing is Right?

How Do You Know The Timing is Right?

Signs it's Time for Assisted Living

       It’s never an easy decision to look into assisted living. It can be for yourself, or a loved one, but the challenge is still the same. Your asking yourselves the same main question: “Is now really the right time?” There are a lot of contributing factors to whether or not it’s time to admit into an assisted living facility, and it’s never too early to look into it. 

       The first thing to consider is the safety of yourself or your loved one. Is navigating the stairs getting to be too much of a challenge? Are you or your loved one forgetting things more, such as turning off the stove or oven? Are there episodes of wandering and not knowing how you got there? These are all excellent indicators that you or your loved one is not the safest at home. The inability to take care of their home is also a something to note. A lot of extra clutter and a dirty environment can lead to many risks of tripping or slipping on the floor, which leads to falls. Falls contribute to many of elderly injuries. A slip on the floor could lead to a broken leg or head injury. At Shady Lane’s Assisted Living, we closely monitor our residents to make sure they are in a safe and clean environment, and well cared for. 

       The second thing to look at is if your loved one is maintaining healthy hygiene  habits. Poor hygiene can lead to tooth and skin irritation, rashes, fungus, or infection. Forgetting medication can also be detrimental to the health of a senior citizen. Medications keep us healthy, and forgetting them regularly could lead to more serious, long term complications. If you or your loved ones overall health is declining at an alarming rate, it’s a good time to start looking at Assisted Living Facilities. At Shady Lane, we have 24/7 onsite nursing care available for our residents. 

       The last, but certainly not the least, thing to consider is the mental health of you or your loved one. While not always seen, poor mental health can make physical health worse. Isolation, and not spending time doing the activities and hobbies you or your loved one used to enjoy are signs of mental health declining. Being around other people, and feeling safe enough to do the activities and hobbies enjoyed can make a big difference when it comes to physical health. If you or your loved one is having a hard time, and doesn’t want to feel as isolated anymore, that is a sign to start looking into assisted living. At Shady Lane Inc., we have several different activities that get residents excited, engaged, and socializing with one another. 

       If you or your loved one is struggling with two or three of these components, it is a good idea to call and have a tour with any assisted living facility. Shady Lane Inc. has a 5 star rating with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and has a truly dedicated and caring staff! To schedule a tour today, call us at (920) 682-8254.