Shady Lane Testing All Skilled Nursing Residents and Staff

Shady Lane will be testing all nursing home residents and staff for COVID-19 under new statewide goals announced by Governor Evers. This testing will take place this week by Shady Lane staff. We understand the curiosity of knowing specifics with this universal testing, but we cannot comment on the details of any staff or residents. Information will be shared with those involved with the care of the resident or staff.  

Shady Lane has taken numerous steps to ensure we were prepared to support anyone impacted by the virus. We have communicated with our staff to reinforce safety protocols and continue to follow each of them and remain focused on the safety of our staff and residents. We have kept a close eye on our stock of critical supplies, such as personal protective equipment, which is vital to keeping our staff and residents safe when in contact with someone affected by the virus.

As always, our focus remains to provide our residents with exceptional services. We encourage you to call our center at 920-682-8254 for updates on the status of your loved one. We understand that you are concerned about your loved one, but it is crucial that we restrict visitation to reduce the spread of this virus.

We know that you may have questions and we encourage you to contact Shady Lane by calling 920-682-8254 and ask for the Director of Nursing or the Nursing Supervisor.