Visiting Matters

“I really should go visit but…”

There are a dozen of ways to finish that sentence- especially when talking about visiting someone in a nursing home or assisted living. Whether this reflects our busy lifestyles or our fear of aging, it is important to understand that visits are vital in maintaining emotional ties with loved ones.

What do you say or do after “hello” and comments on the weather? Try some of these suggestions:

  • Reminisce
  • Bring a video
  • Polish nails or nail care
  • Craft together
  • Bring a photo album
  • Bring a favorite food
  • Bring children or pets
  • Bring a game or deck of cards
  • Read a story or the newspaper
  • Share family or community news
  • Go for a walk or wheelchair ride outside
  • Visit with other residents

Visiting your loved one not only helps break up their daily routines, but also keeps them feeling connected to the world around them. Make visiting part of your routine, and make sure it’s quality time spent with them- listen to their concerns and be affectionate. We hope these tips will help make the next visit with your loved one more enjoyable, less stressful, and full of lasting memories. Don’t forget that, in the end, you can make the most of your visits simply by being present. Shady Lane staff is available if you should have any questions or concerns.