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oral history project

Romance, Work, and World War II

Teenagers & Make-Up Make-up has always been a rite of passage into young-womanhood. While their mothers’ generation snitched corn starch from the kitchen to take the glow off their face, these ladies moved smoothly into the Max Factor make-up age. The day you bought your first tube of lipstick was definitely one to remember. In […] read the rest »

Living History with Lorraine Liese

In an age when every college student is worried about their major and their career path, Lorraine offered wisdom and reassurance. Don’t worry about your major, she advised, study what interests you because you don’t know where it will take you and you’ll work in a lot of professions in a lifetime. And Lorraine should […] read the rest »

A Working Mom’s Story

Since leaving eighth grade at St. Mary’s in Manitowoc, Irene has worked. As a teen, while going to the Manitowoc Vocational School, she did house work. During the war, she worked for Mirro as an inspector of 20mm shells. Irene has worked at Kresge’s, at Manitowoc Specialty, at Stangel’s Super 3 and when she found […] read the rest »

Housing & Babies after World War II

Post War Housing First it was the ship workers, then it was the returning soldiers and their new families–housing in Manitowoc in the 1940s was hard to come by. Gert, whose parents lived on a farm near Denmark, found room for her young family with her parents, eventually purchasing their own home with the assistance […] read the rest »

Specializing in Senior Living Services