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What can we afford?

We've been talking to Mom about assisted living and she's beginning to see that she really does need to make this move. However, her biggest concern is financial as she thinks she can only afford a bedroom. Have you any suggestions?... read the rest »

Having Your Say

I am considering closing my house and moving to assisted living. The one thing that really holds me back is that I'm a pretty independent guy and, as my kids would tell you, I like having my say about things. If I moved to assisted living, I'm afraid I might... read the rest »

finding a new bachelor pad

I'm a bachelor living in a one-bedroom apartment and recently I've begun considering assisted living. As I think about the way I live and what I need, this place is really too big but I sure don't want to live in a bedroom. I'm also on a fixed income like a lo... read the rest »

staying independent

I've always been a person who does things for herself. Lately, I'm finding it more and more difficult to maintain my home. My kids worry about me and have suggested that I consider assisted living but my biggest worry is losing my independence and my individua... read the rest »

Specializing in Senior Living Services