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As a community-owned, not-for-profit healthcare facility,
Shady Lane, Inc. has no stockholders—only stake-holders.
We invite you to invest as a way to remember or to honor someone.

A Caring Path...One Brick at a Time

donateExpanded walks to enhance our gardens! An inexpensive way to remember someone who has made a difference in your life. Download this printable form.

Resident Fund

Our general fund provides something extra for residents; it may go for programming, bricks-and-mortar improvements or to add to our gardens.

Nurturing Nursing

Nurses. We need them now and we’ll need more in the future—especially those who are interested in rehabilitation and geriatric care. We have established two Shady Lane Nursing Scholarships, one at Lakeshore Technical College for a two-year student which is given in May and a second, given in the fall and open to a Manitowoc County resident in a four-year nursing program at Silver Lake College, Bellin College, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. As a community-based care center, Shady Lane believes in re-investing in our community to not only provide jobs but to encourage education.

Tyler Heyduk

Lakeshore Technical College2015
Tyler is a Manitowoc native and is currently working at Shady Lane as a CNA. He told us that one of his greatest joys is being able to put a smile on a resident’s face. A voracious learner, Tyler plans to continue his nursing studies and work toward his BSN degree after graduating from the LTC program. He also plans to stay in Manitowoc.

Kelly Gagnon

Bellin College of Nursing2014
Kelly Gagnon, who grew up in Manitowoc, plans to continue her education. She is interested in post-operative settings and hopes to work in a surgical setting, especially with elders.
Shanna Kubsch

Shanna Kubsch

Lakeshore Technical College2014
Ms. Kubsch, who has lived in Manitowoc County most of her life, plans on continuing her nursing education. She aspires not only to earning a Master’s Degree but also to teach nursing.
Nicole Johnsrud

Nicole Johnsrud

Lakeshore Technical College2013
Nicole is focusing on work with elders and on hospice care. She aspires to go on for her Master’s Degree and plans to work in the Lakeshore communities with elders.

Rachael Goethals

Silver Lake College2013
Rachael Goethals, a student at Silver Lake College, has wanted to be a nurse since she was a child. With a strong desire to help others, Rachael began her nursing career as a CNA, received her Associate Degree from Lakeshore Technical College, and is now working toward her four-year degree. Her ultimate goal is to earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education. She has been nursing for the past thirteen years, first as a CNA in long-term care and then in acute care.
Megan Pahmeier

Megan Pahmeier

Bellin College of Nursing2012
Megan was selected to receive the new nursing scholarship based on her GPA. A graduate of Manitowoc Lutheran High School, she is a senior at Bellin College in Green Bay and has an interest in geriatric care. The Bellin College four-year nursing degree is stringent with classes both on the college campus and at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus where students take other academic courses to round out their medical education
Karin Lamberg-Strazny

Karin Lamberg-Strazny

Lakeshore Technical College2012
A wife and a mother of four, Karin had a B.A. in biology before she obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant degree and, after working at Shady Lane during the first semester of the program and found she loved spending time with older adults, having contact with many people rather than working in a lab. She felt that she made a difference every day.

Katie Mott

Silver Lake College - Manitowoc2015
Katie is a senior in the BSN Completion Program at Silver Lake College. A native of Manitowoc, she is currently a RN and works in a local oncology clinic. She likes helping elders with their paperwork, their treatment program, managing their care plan, and in helping them better care for themselves. Katie notes that there is a lot of help from Silver Lake faculty that goes into this program as well as good mentoring available through their counselors.

Danielle Weber

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay2017
In Danielle’s application essay we found she met all of our criteria and more. She has worked in several nursing facilities in Manitowoc County and she is currently employed by HomeCare Health Services and Hospice as an RN Case Manager. In her essay, she explained that she found her passion for caring for the elder population while working at a nursing home. “I feel that I truly make a difference in the lives of my patients and I go home each night knowing that I shared my time, my knowledge, and my skills with individuals and their families in need.”
Specializing in Senior Living Services