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Rehab at Shady Lane


  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • Respiratory Services
  • Comprehensive Stroke &
    Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • In-Patient & Out-Patient Services
A team of trusted experts who work well together makes all the difference in your success.

Dr. Kirk Dimitris, M.D.Dr. Kirk Dimitris, M.D., is our orthopaedic program consultant and a noted surgeon affiliated with Lakeshore Orthopaedics.

Grilled Salmon with fresh saladWhat you eat affects how you feel…and heal. Our Smart Healing Program puts dietary professionals on your team. Meals at Shady Lane are not only delicious, but set you on a smarter, healthier road to recovery.

Whether you’re recovering from replacement surgery, in need of rehab after a setback in your health, or in need of a short term stay between leaving the hospital and returning home, Rehab at Shady Lane offers the support you need and the amenities you want.

HomeCare Health Services is staffed by dedicated, experie240_F_76918802_jNJxEZUDXcnVwTcIvEtzUw1LTK7hkEIKnced therapists. Because the client-therapist relationship is important to a continuity of care, the added advantage for Rehab at Shady Lane clients is the ability to continue working with their therapist after they leave Rehab at Shady Lane.

A Place Between

If you’ve had surgery, a set back in your health, or are in rehab but don’t feel quite ready to be home alone, A Place Between is a short-term stay program available at Laurel Grove Assisted Living.




Located in its own wing where everyone has the same goal in mind – to go home.
  • WiFi & Cable WiFi & CABLE
Specializing in Senior Living Services