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A Caring History

Aging well means being adaptive to new challenges, the ability to apply one's years of wisdom and yes, pondering the future along with the past.

For us, this means meeting Manitowoc's needs with innovation and creativity for rehabilitation services, assisted living and skilled care services.

Shady Lane's original building

Former District Attorney Fred G. Dicke saw a need for a community-owned retirement facility. When Manitowoc County built a new health care center, the vacated building was exactly the right place with its extensive grounds for a retirement home. He established a not-for-profit corporation and invited people from the community to serve on its board.

By 1971, a modern facility and the first building of what is now Shady Lane was constructed with 120 private rooms and 24 semi-private rooms. Laurel Grove Assisted Living Center, with 34 apartments, was constructed in 1993. Through the years, we have renovated these spaces providing all-private rooms and suites throughout the skilled nursing care center and up to 57 accommodations in the assisted living center.

Today we offer Northeast Wisconsin a modern facility with a continuum of care, and, in addition to skilled nursing and assisted living, provide Manitowoc and Northeast Wisconsin with in-patient rehabilitation and out-patient rehabilitation services as well.

Friends chat in comfy chairs while enjoying the garden view.
Black-eyed Susans line the pathway to the gazebo.


Deanne Weier

Director of Nursing

Deanne Weier, R. N. is Shady Lane, Inc.'s Director of Nursing. In addition to overseeing staff, she is responsible for quality assurance including infection prevention...

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Board of Directors

Monica Nichter

Why I Serve

Manitowoc is an aging community , its citizens deserve excellent healthcare no matter what stage of life they are in, but especially in their later...

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Nursing Scholarships

Danielle Weber

2017 — University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

In Danielle’s application essay we found she met all of our criteria and more. She has worked in several nursing facilities in Manitowoc County and...

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Specializing in Senior Living Services